Established in  2008, The Stamatiadis Mineralogy and Paleontology Museum has been the materialization of ideas nurtured and visions harbored by its founder, namely  Polychronis E. Stamatiadis.


This Museum is meant to assist and proactively contribute to the promotion of the Science of Geology. Hosted within privately owned premises that, amongst other, comprise teaching and learning facilities, the Museum aspired at providing knowledge while at the same time sensitizing people towards renewed respect of Nature as the sole true source of life. Moreover, this Museum aims at familiarizing an increasingly wider public with the world of minerals so that more and more people – irrespective of age – be instigated to delver further in this fascinating world of fossils and precious stones, eventually giving up a little of their time in exchange for a widening of their historical knowledge on the way that this unique planet called Earth has developed over the centuries.
If there is one thing that most people agree upon, nowadays, it is that a great deal of problems tantalizing humans today, eventually degenerating to overwhelming stress and confusion factors, may to a great extent be attributed to our estrangement from our natural environment.


The Stamatiadis Mineralogy and Paleontology Museum is the first of its kind, both in Rhodes and within the greater area of the Dodecanese. The absence of a museum such as this has in the past been repeatedly reproached to this part Greece, all the more since our country has made a reputation for the exceptional wealth of its soil. It is indeed to be wondered why up to the day of the launching of the Stamatiadis Museum initiative, the island of Rhodes – itself a place of renowned mineralogical and paleontological interest – had not had a museum of this nature. As is often the case, however eager, words rarely translated into practice.
One of the main ideas governing the launching and hosting of this Museum has been the desire to extend the mineralogical and paleontological experience way beyond the strict field of acquaintance with specific areas traditionally yielding minerals as well as harboring fossils. This has from the very beginning been meant to be a  learning experience aimed at whoever student or erudite, whether an experienced researcher or a greenhorn collector or even at that simple visitor with a wish to have a closer look and marvel at the creations of mother Nature, without having to travel the world to find them. Pupils will also find here valuable information and relevant documentation for their school projects and papers.
The Museum's doors will be open to those wishing to come – however often – to drink at the fountain of knowledge. A hall within the premises has been arranged to host film projections; featuring a big screen and appropriately equipped with all relevant infrastructure, this is where visitors will come to watch films on a vast array of topics relevant to nature and the environment.
A visit to the Stamatiadis Mineralogy and Paleontology Museum  may indeed become an integral part of the teaching experience of whatever subject matters relevant to Geology, as student will have a first-hand impression of what they are taught.


        Collecting and further putting on show – whether in the form of a temporary or a permanent exhibition – minerals and fossils to the interest of a wider public is something Greece has already seen happening in the past. As a matter of fact, collections such as those on show in Lavrion, in Kamariza, in Aghios Konstantinos (island of Milo), at the Kotsiomytis Museum (in Lygourion, Municipality of Asklepieion, in the Department of Argolida, in the Peloponese) as well as those on show at the Museums of Lesvos and Creta, have been long appreciated and are repeatedly visited.


The Stamatiadis Mineralogy and Paleontology Museum is situated at 33, Heraklidon Avenue, in the municipality of Ialyssos (within 7km distance from the City of Rhodes and a mere 5km from the Diagoras International Airport).

Telephone and Fax : 0030 22410 90201
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